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Here at Veggie Eye we have many strings to our ever expanding bow, the group is made up of many different contributors for the online magazine aspect which is our front of house for the business but behind the front desk we also have an expert team that work on other aspects all relevant to the FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods – industry specifically, this makes up our full service portfolio, so what services does Veggie Eye offer……

Veggie Eye – The Online magazine….

Was born in April (2016) with the aim of providing an up to date on-line news feed for all things Veggie & Vegan, with a difference, our readers actively contribute too, as a team we have over 15 years front line vegetarian & vegan brand experience, we work with some of the biggest brands in the world through to new start-up’s all looking to boost market presence, we know this market and we felt that a new type of daily on-line feed was required to replace the tired old publications that do not cover the real issues or allow businesses to advertise to their full potential and maximise the vegetarian/vegan demographic.

In our first 9 months we have received over 100,000 unique site visits, to date we average 18,000 site visits per month, circa average 600 per day, we are growing and we have a huge & exciting growth phase planned and ready to action throughout 2017.

Our ethos is to provide the lowest cost advertising/promotions to businesses/brands within the ‘V’ category; our aim is simple, 1. To help you gain brand recognition in one of the fastest growing global markets, 2. To make Veggie Eye the one stop shop for all things vegetarian/vegan.


So what are our advertising rates? We keep it simple and work on a flat rate fee, with pricing levels to suit all businesses, we also only ever deal in full size ads, it’s our rule, be big & be seen, and with over 500 site visits per day we certainly achieve that.

1x Advertisement = £50

2X Advertisement =£80

3x Advertisement = £120 

Bespoke packages are available POA. (Jpeg or word format required).

Advertisements must be utilised within a 12 month period from inception. All prices shown are excl VAT


Bespoke Marketing/PR Campaigns/Product Reviews on-Line.

Here at Veggie Eye we have a huge array of key industry contacts available at the touch of a button, our team is made up of contributors, all of whom are key players in the FMCG & mainstream media industry today, if YOU wish to boost awareness of your Vegetarian &/or Vegan brand/range/product then we have the contacts, creativity & expertise to make this happen immediately.

Veggie Eye offers a unique bespoke service where we will tailor a marketing/media/PR campaign for your vegetarian/vegan brand, we specialise in the veggie target audience, through social media, media, press, stunts, influencers, bloggers we have an unrivalled ability & network to get your business noticed…… quickly, through hard work, a fabulous & bottomless wealth of industry expertise and of course a huge dose of creativity.


Whilst many PR/Marketing firms will offer services for the food & drink genre, we focus entirely and solely on vegetarian/vegan brands, that’s our niche, our USP.

We also offer our in-house product review service, you send product, we sample, write our review and upload on line as a key post.

Our bespoke Marketing/PR packages are priced on application this is simply because we tailor each campaign using various packages to suit all business budgets, prices for this type of service start from just £500 excl Vat, if you are interested in utilising this service and/or would like some more information or if you would like us to review a product/range then please contact us at


Exhibiting at Trade & Consumer shows….

As we have alluded to above, we have huge plans in place for 2017 in terms of building our brand as well as promoting both the vegetarian & vegan lifestyle, to do this the next logical step is to have a presence at many of the biggest UK trade & consumer shows where we can really showcase multiple brands en masse to a huge and ever growing consumer & professional trade footfall.

As a team we have over 15 years ‘front line’ experience within marketing both vegetarian & vegan brands to global markets, our trade show expertise is vast and we have all exhibited at many of the worlds biggest FMCG exhibitions, we have the contacts and we have the avenues in terms of getting brands recognised.


Our plan is simple yet effective, we aim to take your brand/products to the exhibitions and showcase from our stand, we will sample your products, promote them and get them into the hands of your target market – consumers, quite simply we will build a huge brand awareness campaign for you, whilst we are exhibiting we will be live throughout on social media, uploading, promoting and even running live feeds whilst linking back to your social media handles, we make noise – in a nice way – in order to get the brand noticed, an added bonus to this is that we field the cost of the show, it can cost a company £££ to exhibit at a show, logistics, travel, hotels, staff pay, lieu, it all adds up, we field those costs for you, we charge a fee for taking the product(s) to the show – much lower than exhibiting yourself – then all you need to do is ensure that we have the correct product numbers sent to us for the set time and we’ll do the rest, you can sit back as we distribute and sample your products at the show.

If you would be interested in having your products featured from our exhibition stand &/or would like further information on our prices please contact us on

We work on a first come, first serve basis, our set limit is 40 brands maximum per show, this ensures that each brand receives the full marketing & sampling experience, or pricing structure starts from just £250 depending on product No’s, bespoke & exclusivity packages are also available.


Factory; Food Manufacturing; Food Service; Kitchen audit/ risk analysis/reporting.

Our team brings a wealth of qualified experience from assessing many of the UK’s biggest food manufacturing plants through to restaurant & food service providers – including schools of all ages levels – kitchens, we analyse all levels of risk in terms of cross contamination of non-vegetarian ingredients coming into contact with vegetarian & vegan sources, we are a consultancy that will analyse every aspect from food delivery, storage, preparation, cooking & serving and where applicable dispatch to ensure the ultimate guarantee of non cross contamination and food safety, we will watch and review cleaning procedures including the clean down for manufacturing plant lines, & we can even assess the cleaning chemicals used in order to cross check the ingredient compounds.

audit 11


We believe we are the only company to offer this specific designated vegetarian & vegan service, we are experts in our field in terms of cross contamination, ingredients and analysis.

Clients will receive a full detailed report and official certificate valid for 12 months on conclusion of our work.



Our prices for this type of service start from just £500 excl Vat, we work on a pricing scale, if you are interested in utilising this service and/or would like some more information then please contact us at


NPD – New Product Development; Taste Panels; Trends;

Got an idea for a new product? Want to know what’s hot or not in veggie & vegan circles? Need a vegetarian &/or vegan taste panel to assess your new product to feedback before it’s ready for market? Need to find a designated supplier for a key vegetarian/vegan ingredient?

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These are just some of the aspects where the Veggie Eye team can assist, we’ve helped many brands over the years from recommending ingredients, suppliers, conducting taste panels/client feedback events, we’ve even helped with the packaging artwork so that they capture of the eye of the designated veggie/vegan consumer, our team have the expertise to help and our industry contacts list is vast, there are many products on today’s market that the Veggie Eye team have assisted, we are here to help you.

Taste panel

Our prices for this type of service start from just £500 excl Vat, we work on a pricing scale, if you are interested in utilising this service and/or would like some more information then please contact us at