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A UK first for thirst

Coconuts may have been thrown into the spotlight because of their water and oil, but coconut milk has been on our supermarket shelves for years, used for both adding an exotic twist to dishes and as a dairy free alternative to traditional milk.

But there’s more to coconut milk than meets the eye, as The Coconut Company as the launch of the UK’s first organic coconut milk proves…

Coconut 1

Coconut milk is a staple for many people up and down the country, who try to avoid dairy and soy for reasons ranging from allergies and taste preference to veganism and ecological impact. A versatile alternative, coconut milk makes a great addition in everything from dairy free ice-cream to smoothies and sauces, alongside being used as a replacement in hot drinks and on breakfast cereals.

There is a romantic view that, because coconuts come from trees, coconut milk must be 100% natural and pure. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. Made from squeezing the flesh of coconuts, most tinned coconut milk has artificial thickening agents, preservatives and stabilisers added to it – resulting in a product that isn’t quite as natural as you might hope.

coconut 2

There is an easy way to produce a purer product however. By effectively drying the coconut milk a powder can be created, which water can then be added to as and when needed; not only removing the need for as many preservatives, but also cutting down on wastage (how many times have you thrown away a half used tin of coconut milk!) and CO2 impact, (massively less volume has to be transported across the oceans to the UK).

coconut 3

Unfortunately not all milk powders are created equally however, with some even having dairy added to them in the form of sodium caseinate. The Coconut Company are proud to announce the launch of the purest coconut milk powder on the market, not only free of any dairy ingredients, but organic and GMO free.

The end result is a coconut milk that is not only better for the planet, but also your taste buds, with a purer more natural flavour.