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Free-range dairy farmers, a new milk brand that recently launched to market has gained it’s first supermarket listing with Asda where it will be sold across 108 stores.

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So what is the free-range dairy farmers brand and what makes it so different to standard on-sale milk?,

well believe it or not, in the UK there are currently no laws in place at all to legally define free-range dairy,

yes, there is a law for eggs, but dairy, no, that is why we have heard and seen so many stories of the poor methods that are used in some areas of the dairy/milk production industry, where cows are simply over milked and kept in an unnatural environment – euphemism used there –

figures show that 15-20% of UK cows are confined indoors completely,

this is also a by-product of the terrible crippling milk prices that farmers have to contend with as the supermarkets & buyers squeeze those margins tighter & tighter.

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The Free-range dairy farmers brand is a unique and much needed game changer in the milk production industry, namely because they have created there own definition of ethical standards in order to ensure the cows used to produce the milk receive the upmost care & attention every day,

the main criteria is that a free-range dairy cow WILL have a minimum of 180 per year grazing outside in grass fields,

they have stated 180 days minimum simply due to the UK climate, don’t forget we have cold and wet winters here in the UK, depending on your region then some are more colder & biting than others, this is where due care and attention come into play, grass also slows in growth, another key factor to take into account, however if the winters are drier & warmer then the farmer will make the decision to allow the cattle to graze outside for longer than the minimum 180 rule.

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So, it all sounds like a great plan, but how do we know if the plan is actually carried out to the letter? the Free-range dairy farmers F&Q section on their website states that records must be kept to ensure that the farmers are complying with the set regulations, inspections are also carried out, one thing you will notice on the product label is the Pasture Promise Label, this basically means that the farmer has adhered to the criteria of the free-range dairy farmers network.

Asda are also leading the way here as they are the first UK supermarket to be stocking the Free – range dairy milk brand, the are two variants in the range, semi skimmed & homogenised whole milk in a one litre (£0.90p) & two litre (1.50) bottles.

Yes the cost per unit compared to standard dairy milk is slightly higher but surely that is a price worth paying, the cattle lead a much better & natural life, the farmer gets a fair wage and isn’t crippled by squeezing demands and you, the consumer, purchases with an ethical confidence.

Want to know more, take a look at the Free-range dairy farmers website

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