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When Veggie Eye were contacted late last month by one of the BodyMe team to see if we would be interested in sampling & reviewing a selection of plant based protein bars this Veggie Eye founder pulled rank and said yes absolutely I – not we he he – would be delighted in sampling the range.

As a fitness junkie, obsessive, fanatic……. protein is my lifeblood and that is no understatement, poor protein intake for even one day can really diminish the hard work, nutrition is absolutely essential to my lifestyle as a vegetarian fitness trainer, I’ll be honest in that I had tried a couple of samples of the BodyMe range whilst attending trade & consumer shows last year, I must add though that the samples were no bigger than your thumb nail as is the way at shows so I couldn’t really draw an overall conclusion, so when I received the package of bars in the post I decided that I would sample each one on alternative days as an immediate post workout refuel therefore I could assess if each bar really hit the spot.

Each bar was consumed after a HIIT advanced circuit class, a 1/2 hour high intensity class using both weights – V heavy in my case – and bodyweight, with very little or no rest in-between circuits, by the end of the class ones energy is severely diminished so refuelling with immediate effect is critical in order to keep the muscles in peak condition & start the recovery process, this is when I consumed a bar.

So let’s run through each bar ….

Cacao Orange Protein BarBodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar Cacao Orange Single Image Plant Based.jpg 3This is my favourite of the three bar range, on average I burn circa 300 kCals in a 30minute class, of course this is just the start and the metabolism is then ignited, I consumed this bar immediately after the class, tired & exhausted with fatigue but contemplating whether to do another class – boxing – 15 minutes later, the first thing I noticed about the bar was the soft texture as I took my first bite, it wasn’t a bar of endless chewing like some protein variants, in fact it was quite like a luxury snack where every bite is a true pleasure, the flavour just hit you perfectly in the taste buds, what BodyMe have mastered perfectly is the flavour, one of the proteins used is pea which as we all know can have a very earthy taste which can be quite difficult to mask, not a problem with these bars & I must say that I really enjoyed the wee crunch of the cacao nibs with every bite and the texture is so moist which will be a result of the coconut oil combined with a cold pressed finish that keeps all the goodness locked in.

The bar is not heavy on the stomach at all, not always the case with many protein supplements, which really helps when you require a quick recovery, and with a whopping protein content of 16.2g this bar is perfect.

So what are the key stats, well 251 kcals, 11g fat of which 3.2g is saturated,20.1g carbs of which sugars 15.1g – please take note the sources are natural thus better utilised by the body – 3.3g of fibre and as mentioned above a super 16.2 protein, a great amount for a bar and all from a quality plant based source, whilst a fully packed vitamin & mineral content really keeps this bar at the top of the charts.

The Orange Cacao bar has everything you need and is my personal favourite, taste, texture and a quality & clean nutritional content, a perfect pre/post workout snack or just as an on-the-go daily snack.

Cacao Mint Protein Bar – BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar Cacao Mint Single Image Plant Based.jpg 2Dates, cashews, cacao nibs, coconut oil all enthused with peppermint oil make this another dream bar to consume, again I took this bar on board straight after a circuit session and again the refuelling process was quick & fulfilling, I must comment that the peppermint oil within this bar make it a true delight, every mouthful is a pleasure, you always know when a bar is a winner when you have a sunken feeling of disappointment when you realise the end is nigh and you are only left with the wrapper.

So what are the stats, well it’s very much the same as the Cacao orange 251 kcals, 11.1 fat of which 3.7g is saturated – clean sources – 20.1g carbs of which – natural – sugars 15.1g, 3.3g of quality fibre along with the huge plant based protein content of 16.2g.

I must say it was a very tough choice in putting this bar into second place but it resides there by the smallest of margins, overall another wonderful snack perfect for everyday use whether it’s in the gym or simply on the go it will not let you down.

Chia Vanilla Protein Bar – BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar Chia Vanilla Single Image Plant Based.jpg 4Ok a great bar but it out of the three I have sampled I have put it into third place, the reason, I simply found it a little on the dry side in comparison to the previous two variants, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, on the contrary, this bar comes packed to the brim with great, clean nutritional benefits, maybe it was because we had sampled the previous two bars before this one, but hey, with everything in life ones taste buds simply prefer one thing to another.

To be fair it does beat other the other two bars marginally on the nutritional statistics, it has a slightly lower calorie point of 247 kcal per bar, fat overall is lower at 10.7g with 2.9g saturated, 19.5 carbs with 14.9g – natural – sugars, a higher fibre content of 3.6g fibre and a good protein point of 16.4g which is slightly lower than the other two but still a great amount for a natural bar.


So there we have it, In this fitness fanatics opinion the winner is ……… the Cacao orange bar, it was a very tough choice as the Cacao mint is a real game changer, I’m still not entirely sure on my choice, it’s simply that close to call, that’s not to say that the chia vanilla bar isn’t up to standard, believe me it really is a quality bar, it’s simply the taste and moist texture of the Cacao orange that wins the day.

Overall I would recommend the BodyMe protein bar range for everyday use, whether it’s the gym or as a snack this concept sits perfectly in every genre, the bars are natural so you’ll definitely not experience any nasty sugar crashes, you will feel replete for longer whilst your body receives a fabulous array of essential vitamins and minerals, they can be consumed at any time by all ages, interested? hit our unique link below to purchase your own supply

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