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Well it caused a huge mainstream controversy late last year (2016) in both veggie & vegan circles when it was revealed that the new Bank of England £5 note actually contained animal fat, tallow to be precise, there were calls for a full boycott as well as a petition calling for the note to be banned completely, that petition received in excess of 100,000 signatures, but it was all in vain as today we can report that the £5 note WILL stay in circulation, and it gets worse, the new £10 note that will be issued – circa – September has already gone to print and the same tallow sources are fully in use.

Let’s be honest, did we ever think, really, that the note would simply be withdrawn from circulation and replaced like for like with a none animal derived replacement, wishful thinking yes, but in reality, no, the reason, and here’s the irony, cost!

it costs money to print money and as the Bank of England have disclosed, it has spent £46 million on printing the £5 note so they were hardly going to withdraw it and start again as it would incur the same costs plus an additional £50,000 to destroy the withdrawn currency, unfortunately the print process has already started for the new £10 note, £24 million so far to be precise, that equates to 275 million of the new currency so that too will be laced with tallow.


However as the BBC reports,

the Bank is still working with it’s polymer supplier to “determine what alternatives might be available” for the current £5 note and soon to be launched £10 note,

however as the new £10 note is already well into the print process using the same sourcing as the already in circulation £5 note we would assume the existing process will simply continue.

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