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We just wanted to share & make you aware of a fabulous campaign that Lucy Watson – of Made in Chelsea fame – has created in order to raise awareness about the horrific animal testing & cruelty that still – unbelievably – to this day takes place within the cosmetics industry, the aim of the campaign is to raise vital funds for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) so that the organisation can continue it’s great work in raising awareness on this barbaric industry practise.

As Lucy states via her campaign page…

My mission is to support the charity and their work in raising awareness about how much suffering goes into animal testing. I believe that no animal should be poisoned or killed for us to wear a pretty lipstick or mascara. It’s really sad knowing about all the atrocious and inhumane experiments that take place everyday in the laboratories and not much is done about it…So here I am campaigning

The campaign aims to raise £10,000 and you can donate using the web link below, any donation no matter how small is so gratefully received and can make such a huge difference in helping to finally banish this horrific industry practise.

Please share the campaign on all your social media feeds and if you use the hashtag #LWfundraiser you will then have the chance to win a fabulous lipstick from Lucy’s very own Basic Bitch cruelty-free cosmetics brand

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