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Tried and tested nutrition

Our ancestors certainly knew their stuff when it came to sourcing the right foods to fuel their bodies. They had to, to be able to run away from predators, fight off disease and recover from injuries. Nutrition wasn’t simply an afterthought, it was a matter of survival.

The challenges of today may be slightly different, but whether you’re running a marathon, have a busy day ahead in the office or are getting ready for a gym session, the best foods for fuelling performance remain the same.

It is based on this mind-set that the new Lucy Rocks Cookies have been developed. The cookies rely on 100% organic nuts, seeds, fruit and other natural plant based ingredients to create a cookie, which hits the spot when it comes to both nutrition and taste.

The combination of high quality organic, GM free, plant based super foods results in a gluten and grain free, high fibre, vegan cookie, which provides enough energy to power you through the most rigorous training session, whilst supplying you with all protein and good fats you need to recover.

Lucy Rocks

Most importantly the cookies taste great and come in three mouth-watering flavours. Fruity are packed full of banana flakes, mulberries, dates and apricots, alongside baobab, coconut nectar and coconut chips, sunflower, buckwheat and chia seeds, to provide a powerhouse of super food nutrition like no other. Cashews & Cacao Nibs are also jammed with wholesome ingredients and add in a chocolately twist, whilst the final addition to the trio, Hazelnuts, ensures there’s something to meet everyone’s taste.

Just in case their nutritional credentials and organic stamp don’t give you enough of a feel good factor, Lucy Rocks source their ingredients from farming communities around the world that work with indigenous people in developing countries. By working with local charities to expand the development of good organic farming practices, Lucy Rocks aims to help create a sustainable future for all.

The brand is produced by the company Alara, who were the first ‘Zero Waste’ company in the UK, with its Kings Cross based factory being run purely off solar panels, and has recently claimed the title of ‘Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth‘.

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About Lucy

Lucy was a strong and powerful woman who lived at a time when all food was organic and people relied largely on a plant based diet to fuel their active lifestyles.

The food she ate was based on what she managed to gather in the wild and was of course unprocessed – genetically modified foods where still thousands of years in the future.

It’s Lucy’s lifestyle and diet which inspired the creation of the Lucy Rocks range and Alara hope the cookies prove you don’t need highly processed or manufactured ingredients to produce great tasting nutritional food.