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Important egg news for all vegetarians who have been concerned about the recent ‘temporary’ ban on Free-Range varieties due to the possible risk of avian flu posed by wild birds can finally breathe a sigh of relief as from April 13th Defra – Department for Environment, Farming & Rural Affairs – have lifted the ban meaning the free-range birds may now roam freely again.

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The temporary ban was first introduced in March and put in place to try to contain the high risk of spreading avian flu from wild birds, this meant that the normally free-range birds had to be kept indoors thus meaning that they lost their free-range status and subsequently the eggs had to carry clear labelling to inform consumers that the hens may have been kept in barns, as the UK has the largest number of free-range hens in the whole of Europe this essentially effected a huge number of free-range products that had to lose that status, thankfully the ban

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