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The Veggie Eye team are often asked many questions regarding the products & supplements that we use on a daily basis especially around health & wellbeing, we have a great mix of site contributors whom are either veggie or vegan, all with differing life goals, so we are all going to write posts about some of the products we use as part of our everyday ‘V’ lifestyles, this writer is a fitness fanatic veggie but 80% of the time I prefer to supplement my workouts with vegan blend proteins.

As a dedicated gym junkie my whole life and eating habits are based around a weight rack or a cardio machine, nutrition form me is critical and you could probably say I’m slightly, ok, very obsessed with my training & nutritional regime, so much in fact that before I travel abroad ensure that I have packed enough protein & supplements for each day I am away, I have a training schedule in place and I know exactly where my nearest gymnasium is situated from where I’ll be staying, yeah I’m obsessed, 25 years and counting.

Over the years I have tasted a huge array of sports nutritional products, some great, some good and some well, not so good – a little use of euphemism there I believe – they all make the same advertising bites but hey some are just better than others, so I decided I would start of this Veggie Eye team blog spot by highlighting a few of the supplements that I presently use and some that I have used in the past to good avail, I’ll also post a link to each product so it makes it easier for you to purchase should you desire.

Psycho Protein

Now I’ll be honest, the name is slightly ambitious especially when you merge the words pea protein with psycho, but hey that’s marketing folks, putting the psycho elements to one side – Ed: product does not alter ones mental state – this blend of natural pea protein really is a very enjoyable protein drink, unlike many other pea proteins it actually assimilates perfectly well in a shaker, even better in a blended as you get a kind of frothy topping and it doesn’t have that unruly powdered taste that many other pea blends have, don’t get me wrong it is pea protein so you will expect that quite heavy & earthy taste, but its clean and comes with a very good protein content.


Energy is the key to a great training session and TREK bars provide a fabulous influx of energy in between meals and workouts, unlike other bars they are not packed with a high sugar content, yes there are sugars but they are natural and if you are training that that will be utilised as fuel, most bars come with at least 10g of quality protein and they are all vegan.


PULSIN – Soy protein Isolate

My ’emergency break glass’ protein, basically this blend lives in my cupboard, essentially it is what is says, it’s a clean, no frills soy protein isolate in it’s natural format but that’s all it needs to be, it works when required, mixes well, I utilise it in my porridge, I don’t use it daily, probably 2-3 x per week but it doesn’t let me down, I normally use it as an additional shake if I have lifted heavy that day, a great, clean protein source and very reasonably priced for a quality source.


MYPROTEIN – Impact Whey Protein

Oh yes the good stuff, why, well MyProtein have a vast selection of flavour systems that enable you to sample many varieties of flavours without ever getting bored, MyProtein is a great source of protein, it mixes very well and comes with a great high protein content, low carb and a great price point, I am particularly fond of the chocolate smooth blend, it is such a versatile blend that I even like to add it to my free-range egg whites to create a delightful tasting pancake, add in a handful of blueberries and it’s a real treat.

Overall great value for money, taste, choice and protein content.


FORZA – K2 Raspberry Ketones

I absolutely believe in this product, for many, fat burners et al polarise opinion and yes there are some dreadful, ineffective products on todays market, they polarise opinion namely because people don’t know exactly what they do and/or they have dreadful dietary habits and expect to pop a pill and lose fat, erm.. no, I call these the finisher, basically you build a strong core/base through exercise and a clean, lean diet, then you take a ketone supplement for the final 10%.

Forza K2 ketones really do work, in fact they are excellent in helping me achieve my fitness & physique goals every time i use them, I would only recommend a product that I have extensively used myself and is also backed up by science, this does both, it’s natural, so there are no hidden nasty things in there that will give you the jitters and that horrible nausea feeling, I personally utilise them when i am on a cutting phase usually towards the start of spring, as with any pill/OTC format, even though they are totally natural I would always recommend talking to a health professional if required.



So that is just a wee selection of the vast array of products that i use in terms of my fitness goals, I should point out that I am a stickler for ingredients in particular the sources, so i do contact companies if I feel that I need some clarification of certain aspects that are not clear on the labels, all of the products mentioned above are perfect for vegetarian consumption, many also vegan minus the whey of course, I shall follow this post up in the near future when I will go a little deeper into my veggie/vegan nutrition & supplemental product use.

Until next time, stay fit & be happy

Veggie Eye