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A year or two ago the seed of a vision was mooted, I wanted to create an on-line vegan & vegetarian magazine that was completely different to the boring, cliché publications that were available, recipes and a few happy stories for me, didn’t really give a clarity of the real vegan & vegetarian lifestyle & everyday world, Veggie Eye was born to keep the V Lifestyle populous up to date with great products & services, industry news as well as blog posts from a carefully selected band of vegan/vegetarian brothers & sisters all with differing viewpoints, less cliché, more real life, debates & opinions that may divide but hey that’s life and vegans & veggies alike are not all the same.


The idea was born and drawn out via a traditional method of pencil & paper, as a very small start-up, money was exceedingly tight and after receiving many quotes from web designers a decision was taken, money would be saved and one would learn coding and create the vision personally, trials and many errors finally prevailed (if you don’t make mistakes you simply cannot learn) and the site was launched in April 2016, the real daunting task then became apparent, articles that had previously been written were uploaded but no-one was clicking through the site and reading them, so the hard work really began, with no spare money to run any social media marketing campaigns, Veggie Eye hit the road, laptop under the arm, we started attending many trade & consumer shows that we knew had a big veggie & vegan presence, we promoted, gave out business cards and the site clicks started to manifest, add to that a continuous article upload to our social media feeds  and today, just 13.5 months since our first article was uploaded we have had a whopping 146.750 site visits, we actually have businesses & PR agencies now contacting us to promote their brands on our site and this is the avenue we are really looking to develop.


There is still plenty of work to do, on a working scale of 1-100 we are probably situated at around 30, but this is great as per our 1-3-5 year strategy, we must boost our SEO content so that we are more assessable, we know we must build our social media presence in terms of followers, we know we need to post greater content on a more regular basis, that will come, at present the tiny band of contributors all work full-time elsewhere, the 3-5 year aspect of the plan is to move Veggie Eye into a full time publication, it will happen, this past 12 months has shown that the idea is correct and we will continue to evolve over time, we do need more contributors too and we openly ask that if any readers wishes to write for us we would be delighted to upload you work and give you regular Colum inches to express your thoughts, the underlying foundation of Veggie Eye is that this is a publication open to anyone to contribute, this is your voice piece.


And finally we would personally like to thank every single reader who has visited the Veggie Eye site, everyone of you makes this project worthwhile, we will continue to grow and we hope you enjoy the ride, Thank You from all at Veggie Eye.

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