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For some the word organic still resonates with £signs closely followed by the word expensive, however that initial thought process is gradually in decline as The Soil Associations annual organic market report shows that annual sales within the UK organic market for 2016 have increased by 7.1%, the fifth year in a row that an increase has been reported.

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The report highlights that 39% of shoppers are now opting to choose organic produce on a weekly basis, in a sector that estimates to represent 1.5% of the total UK food & drink market, showing that a strong foundation is firmly in place.

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As we all know, the FMCG industry works entirely on trend analysis and organic per se fits effortlessly into many of today’s key trend patterns such as healthy eating; knowing where your food comes from; raw foods; lifestyle; on the go; ‘free from’; pesticide & antibiotics free; and of course our beloved vegetarian & vegan lifestyles which all adds to a continual increase in organic purchases.

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Here In the UK we are about to embark on a completely new challenge as we herald in the new Brexit era, this is a perfect opportunity for our government to completely reassess the food manufacturing/production processes of the UK using the key trends that I alluded to in the above paragraph, this is a prime time to promote the benefits of using organic products, clearly there is a demand as the 7.1% increase shows, we are literally starting from a blank canvas in terms of government & regulations, so many are going to have to be re-written as many are tied in to the EU policies & procedures, our farmers and vast acres of farm land are primed and ready so why not push forward with an organic agenda? the resources will be there and the overall benefits for all to see, we have the potential to become a leader in the field – no pun intended – yes it will take time but demand is clearly there and rising, with a clear financial support package from the UK government, partners & investors we can show the rest of the world that organic methods are both well placed in offering a long term environmental & financial sustainability.

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For more information on all things Organic here in the UK take a look at the Soil Association website by simply clicking the link

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