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Here at Veggie Eye we are passionate about the term ‘plant-based’, we believe in the ethos in terms of both sustainability and the environment, we, as a team see no other way forward,

this writer has always mooted for many years that we, as a human race can easily survive on a plant based diet,

science is becoming more conclusive by the year and you only have to see the trend analysis in terms of the huge growth in both the vegan & meat reducing/flexitarian lifestyles, of course there are always many creases to iron out, usually where money & corruption are involved but overall it is becoming more and more apparent that living a nature based lifestyle is the favourable way forward.

With every discussion there will always be a for & against, debate is good, it’s healthy and if conducted correctly it promotes awareness and opinion which is always great for the cause, so, we wanted to share with you two sides to the plant-based lifestyle argument, the for and the against that has been conducted within The Grocer magazine over the past couple of weeks, we have included the direct links below for you to read and we would love to hear your opinions on both arguments, whilst this writer is plant-based to the core I really do understand and somewhat agree with some of the comments in the against piece because aspects such as deforestation and other environmental issues are real-life, for this to work, the world needs to agree to work together on regulations so that our planet and animal species do not suffer as a consequence, there is no point doing good to follow up with bad.

Have a click on the links below and please do comment below, what do you think?

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Argument Against by Joanna Blythman –

journalist and author of Swallow This.

Plant based

Argument For and retort by Vicky Upton –

Head of Marketing, Alpro UK & Ireland


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