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Well he said he was going to do it during his pre election presidential rallies but in all honesty we didn’t actually think he would follow through with it, heck if we’re honest we never actually thought Donald Trump would become president Trump, leader of the most power and it seems judging by his latest move, the power has clearly gone to his head and blown a fuse or ten.

I’ll be honest, I never thought Donald would become President, I thought it would be a shoe-in for old Hilary who I am in no way endorsing, both candidates were extremely poor so I felt so sorry for the American voters who were stuck between voting for a rock or a hard place, both dreadful, both inept, both lacking personality & both seemingly owning a closet full to the brim of skeletons but that’s next what this post is all about I’m just merely metaphorically shaking my head as I write as the world has seemingly gone stir crazy.

So what’s the gripe, we’ll if you haven’t seen the news this week, President Trump in his infinite and bonkers wisdom has announced that the USA will be pulling out of the global climate change Paris agreement, an agreement that was signed by all superpower nations in helping to lower emissions and carbon footprints in order to preserve and save our beautiful planet earth.

The agreement was signed by the former President Obama, I wasn’t a fan of Obama, I feel he was a populist president, he was more of a game show host than a president, a jack of all trades master of none who liked to tell other countries how to conduct there business except his own, but his insistence of seeing through the signing of the Paris agreement was indeed a masterstroke and he deserves huge credit, I certainly respect him for his passion behind saving or prolonging our planet.

It seems totally crazy as to why President Trump would walk America away from the agreement, we have literally come so far in building a cleaner, more sustainable planet with the majority of inhabitants buying into the notion, yes there are flaws of course, is green energy the way forward, well in theory yes but let’s be honest there is a long, long way to go before it becomes viable full time, and electric cars, people rave about them but again, they are pretty rubbish overall at the moment, wind power is producing nowhere near the expenditure but in reality we are on the bottom rung of an infinite ladder, the technology will evolve, develop and progress as he has the people on earth to do this, look where we were 17 years ago at the turn of the millennium compared to today, the technology, the computers, put the first Apple Ipod next to todays sibling and see how we have grown, green, sustainable technology will follow exactly the same path, but to simply just walk away from the amazing science, development and an agreement signed by every superpower including China seems suicidal and has left a terrible taste.

Science is always an equivocal, subjective matter, the statistics around global warming figures, climate change etc. are quite skewed and varied but one thing stands out that all scientists agree on, the planet is warming and will continue to warm over multiple generations, it will never cool but they all agree that by partaking within the historic climate change Paris agreement we can definitely reduce the dangerous impact and save the planet for many generations to come.

President Trump has taken a decision based on the now, that’s fine, climate change will not effect this or the next or even the next 4-6 generations that much, yes the global may heat by a degree but it will not have any adverse effect on the way of life, no, this is the long game because if things were allowed to carry on as they were before the Paris agreement was signed it would result in a potentially horrific situation in hundreds of years to come, money means nothing without a planet to save and spent it on.

It is our privilege and gift to be on planet earth, in the grand scheme we are born, live a life which to be fair is relatively short and then we depart, nobody owns planet earth, its abundance is there for everyone but it seems to me that President Trump is of the illusion that he owns the land rights to this wonderful gift, he doesn’t and I can only pray and hope that this is a smokescreen to maybe renegotiate terms – don’t forget he is a very successful businessman – the agreement should be fair to all nations, if it needs tweaking so be it, that’s business and there are ways to do it but to simply throw your toys out, stomp your feet and walk away is total suicide, I can only hope that someone in his close group of confidants has the power to stand up to Mr Trump and make him see sense, will it happen, well it seems the group around Trump would applaud him for anything and tell him what he wants to hear, so wouldn’t hold my breath, although that may need to happen if he gets another term…..

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