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We love our food science here at Veggie Eye HQ, I would go as far to say that this site contributor is something of a science ‘geek’ when it comes to Innovation and statistics surrounding the food manufacturing industry, combine that with my love of sports nutrition/medicine as well as all things fitness and you’ll understand why this little development pricked my attention.

The Kerry Foods Group have created a range of protein hydrolysates made from both dairy & vegetable sources which they believe may well be a perfect replacement to the use of egg albumin within the food manufacturing industry.

egg albumin one

Ok, that last paragraph may just have stumped a couple of readers so let me explain my little geeky joy, in short hydrolysates refers to any subject compound of hydrolysis which means quite simply the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water, it is used heavily in the sports medicine/ nutrition sector with protein formulas because hydrolysis of protein prior to ingestion may improve nutritional efficiency. Ingestion of a protein hydrolysate, compared to the intact protein, accelerates protein digestion and absorption from the intestine.

Hydrolyse two

So there we have it, a hydrolysed protein compound breaks down the amino acids so that the human body can absorb them on a rapidly increased basis, hence the use within sports nutritional products such as protein powders etc.

Hydrolysed one

Ok, I did try to keep it short in layman’s terms but science & simple statements simply do not go hand in hand, so my sincerest apologies! so, anyway, what the heck does that have to do with the mainstream food industry? good question, well the use of egg albumin reaches far and wide into our every day food products, egg albumin is the white protein of the egg, and

you may -or may not – be aware that egg prices have steadily risen over the past few months, by 16% to be precise due to two key reasons,

the first is the rise of free-range eggs over battery/caged which is resulted in a more expensive egg, not that Veggie Eye is complaining, we were and will forever be continuously vocal in the complete abolishment of barn/caged & battery egg sources, the second reason, and this is an issue that we feel is going to get much worse before it can recover is the widespread avian bird flu outbreak that has been progressively growing across Europe since the first case was found in October 2016, to date 14 European countries have reported outbreaks, this has harmed egg supply numbers terribly, and with today’s most health conscious market constantly looking to increase protein intake, with eggs the number one staple, well, you can see the forthcoming issues.


The Kerry Food Group forecasts that substituting egg albumin for the new protein hydrolysates formula may well decrease manufacturing costs by as much as 15-25% obviously depending on the levels of use, and in tests Kerry have confirmed the compound as ‘exceptionally consistent’, so it does pose a question or a food for thought moment, with science, food science in particular, could this new innovation possibly be the beginning of the end for the ever fluctuating priced egg in the food manufacturing industry?

What do you think? comments welcomed below

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